having to poop on a date

the context of above title would suggest that taking a shit on your date really is the pits. i mean whether or not the poo was intentional, it still sucks for someone. but really what i meant to say was that it sucks when you are physically on a date and you feel the need to excrete. gosh, that rhymed. love it. sounds like a intense slogan for some sort of poo product. just picture it: some buff dude with a cutoff tshirt getting all kinds of close to the screen with an incredulous look upon his face asking you “DO YOU FEEL THE  ? THE NEEEED TO EXCRETE?” my marketing skills should be revered. 

so i’ve been absent. my bad. but you all know this happens for a good few months when some life shit goes down. 

i shall try to maintain a steady flow (woman joke) of posts for you bored little Internet people. 

p.s. i typed this on my phone and it is SERIOUSLY wigging out. so please disregard any weird typing errors or extra letters. and also, unnecessary capitalization.