let me just let loose a little aggression and shit real quick.

obviously posting a winded rant about your friends, then denying its sheer relevance to all of our situations. i don’t even know. you’re right, people lie and hurt each other; but if we all spoke the truth constantly, the amount of trouble and butthurt that would ensue is not worth you feeling higher up on the honesty food chain. lately, i stopped lying about my feelings, and now it’s caused a whirlwind of shit that i can’t even begin to mend. i quit with you people. it’s like we’re all stuck in our first year of college. we all think we’re done with the highschool bullshit but we’re really not and it just never ends. it’s one shitty situation after the other; you all complain about how it perpetuates itself without any real fixes, but instead of just saying fuck it let’s agree that we’re all shitty people and we piss each other off at times, we just go in circles of apologies and fights. as far as the truth goes, you’ll never get to hear it. having said all that, call me a bitch and let’s be done with it. i won’t be surprised.

reasons people don’t always text back:

 the phone is dying and perhaps the response is too long. it can wait

 sometimes, no one knows what to say so they ignore it and hope they don’t have to answer until they’ve had time to think about it

 you simply don’t think the text warrants a response

   ex: i’ll be there in 15 minutes

 maybe this statement has been overdone and your response still hasn’t changed.

the only think you could say is “ok” and you don’t feel like throwing that out there

i know there’s more, but i am so emotionally exhausted that i don’t want to go any farther. i’m pissed, frustrated, and tired of people trying to make things seem worse than they are. we lie, we choose our boyfriends over hanging out for girls night because some of us would rather have sex. it’s that simple, yet you all take it to heart and wish that someone had the decency to sugar coat it all. i am not nice, i am blunt, and i have no issues with confrontation. pick a fight with me for saying the things i do, i’m all ears. but i refuse to apologize for speaking the truth. now, if you could all just take a pill with a glass of wine and realize that we don’t have to have girls night every week and be all buddy buddy with texting to be the best of friends, that’d be great. as of now, i’m a little be done (as in overcooked) and would love nothing more than to just hang the fuck out and drink. instead of bitching about each other behind backs and on tumblr, let’s bitch to each other’s faces. i guarantee it will all turn into giggling and name calling after everyone cries about hearing the ugly truths we all seem to have a problem disclosing.